How to Customize invitation?

Click here to see how to customize invitation.

Are all products under the Free Customization offer?

No, only the products shown at Free Customization page are under this offer.

Click here to see products under this offer.

Where can I find product Code?

Only the products shown at Free Customization page are having the product code.
Product Code is written in PINK bold letters on right side of product.

How much time manufacturing takes?

After placing the order, It’s takes about 24 hours.

How much time shipping takes?

It depends upon the location and the shipping method selected at checkout.

Do you offer printable digital version of designs?

No, Because of the copyright reasons we do not provide any digital versions of designs.


How can I participate in LadyPrints monthly design challenge?

Only Zazzle store owners can participate in our design challenge, to participate simply sends us details of your Zazzle product you want to show on LadyPrints. You can submit details here.

Can I submit any product from my Zazzle store?

No, you can only submit invitations, flat cards, business cards, and postcards.

How many designs I can submit in Monthly Design Challenge?

You can submit up to 900 designs/month.

Can I submit same design in more than one monthly challenge?

Yes, you can submit same design in more than one design challenge, because we know sometimes really good designs are not able make in monthly Top 100 due to tough competition.

When the result will be declared?

Monthly challenge result will be declared by end of the month.

Where can I see monthly challenge results?

Visit our result page to see monthly challenge results.

How can I find how many products on LadyPrints are from my Zazzle store?

It’s very simple, just type your store name in search box above. For example:

If you store link is then type jamberdesign
If you store link is then type kat_parrella